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Pitstop Bits is a small company based in a rambling garage in the middle of the wonderful English countryside. With a passion for beautiful design we work hard at generating interesting artwork that really looks special on our mugs and art prints. We live and breath wheeled objects whether it be car, motorbike, cycle or even farm equipment and take time to ensure the quality of print represents the original image as best as the process allows. :

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Our Team

Matilda the black cat is really The Boss. We spend all our time running around satisfying design and production schedule whilst she spends most of the time sleeping and cleaning. It is rumored that she catches the occasional mouse !

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Worldwide Shipping

We design things, manufacture them then ship them worldwide if needs be ! Using global shipping partners we have sent out so far to thirty plus countries in the world. Proper little Corporation ain't we

Best Quality

With clever,thoughtful design and stringent process control we are able to manufacture exceptionally good products.

Best Offers

Careful material sourcing enables us to control costs added to our low operating overheads , Our products really are jolly good value !

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Our webshop uses industry best standard payment processing, ensuring customers safe and secure transactions.

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