Porsche Cayman 987.2 R Mug in Aqua Blue


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Porsche Cayman 987.2 R Mug in Aqua Blue.

Not a real Porsche the uneducated state……..RUBBISH fantastic cars.

More grins to the pound than most car. This Cayman is even more special with aluminium doors and other weight saving fittings and the much more resilient dfi engine 

Our mug is printed using the latest technology giving the most accurate colours with the aim of capturing the true beauty of this fantastic piece of automotive design.

The mug is a 11oz Ceramic Mug. Its a rugged mug that should stand up to everyday use from sitting on your desk to resting on your workshop bench. Its bright white in colour and with a high gloss finish and measures approximately 80mm diameter x 94mm height.

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