Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale car mug in yellow


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Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale Yellow car Mug

Having polled at vote here at the Pitstopbits Garage…this Ferrari wins.

Fitted with a 3.586cc Tipo F131 V8 engine with a flat plane crank and titanium con rods and 6 speed F1 automted manual gearbox with track focused gearbox software.

“Old skool” looks with a mechanical resonance that makes your ears bleed and the hairs on the back of your neck stand to attention !

Our car mug cannot offer the same sensations as driving this automotive legend but it is pretty nice to drink from !

Our car mug is printed using the latest technology giving the most accurate colours with the aim of capturing the true beauty of this fantastic piece of automotive design with the aim of capturing the true beauty of this fantastic piece of automotive design. Automotive mugs or car mugs are a great gift for birthdays ,Christmas or just to  improve your drinking experience with a car mug or automotive mug .

This car mug is a 11oz Ceramic automotive car mug .Its a rugged automotive mug that should stand up to everyday use from sitting on your desk to resting on your workshop bench.The car mug is bright white in colour and with a high gloss finish and measures approximately 80mm diameter x 94mm height.

The nicest car mugs on the market.

Fantastic car mug depicting a fantastic Automotive design

Fantastic automotive mug depicting a fantastic car design

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